Faith Between the Pillars

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  1. Blake Bowden

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    I found my faith in abundance between the pillars;

    I discovered the path of certainty, the spiral staircase

    Up and out of my grave of doubt.

    I observed the light to guide me out of my darkened temple,

    The cocoon I had constructed during times of doubt.

    I am on the path now, the way to the Sanctum Sanctorum,

    The inner temple that I know is deep inside my soul.


    I know because I can feel it and it has been a long time coming,

    I know it was worth the wait and everything comes to those who wait patiently.

    Soon I will awaken from my years of doubt,

    Soon I will shake off this cocoon and emerge

    Reborn, a better man,

    A better person,

    Happy in my life,

    Happy in my rediscovered faith.

    A faith in me,

    A faith in my fellow man,

    A faith in life,

    And love.


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