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    I am always adding books to my Masonic library and on the look out for new additions. The problem comes in finding some of the classics, and if I do get my hands on them, like an original Builders by Newton or an original set of Mackey's encyclopedias, I definitely don't want to handle them more than necessary. I wanted a spare copy of Mackey's book of Masonic jurisprudence that I wouldn't mind handling a lot or even marking up with notes as needed. While looking for a decent affordable copy I came across a softcover reprint on Amazon for less than $14 from a company called Forgotten Books that looked exactly like what I needed. After ordering it [thank you Prime] I decided to see what other Masonic titles that Forgotten Books had in reprint and was immediately blown away by how many titles they had. If you are looking for an out of print or hard to find Masonic book, check them out. I am sure I will be adding more of them to my collection.
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    I am always looking to increase my knowledge and library as well. I will definitely take a look, thank you!

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