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    What is Masonry?

    An organization founded on religious principles promoting fraternal association among good men, the exercising of brotherly love, maintenance of good moral character, relieving the distressed and oppressed, and contributing to the general well-being of society at large.

    Who are Masons?

    Men of every career known to man, from laborers to Presidents, and from rich to poor.

    Is Masonry a Secret Organization?

    Masonry is not a secret organization. It is classed among many other organizations, which have an initiation ceremony that is not discussed, which may be cause for some people to think it is a secret organization.

    Is Masonry a Religion?

    No, Freemasonry rightly conceived and practiced will enhance every worthy loyalty in a man's life. It will not weaken a man's loyalty to his church, but will strengthen it by the increased sense to God and a dependence on God taught in our ritual. It will not drain his strength from the service of the church but will increase his strength for the service of the church. It will stimulate his interest in the values of religion that enrich and ennoble the life of a man.

    Is Masonry Sectarian?

    Masonry is strictly nonsectarian. Any man who believes in the existence of a Supreme Being, the immortality of the soul, the resurrection of the body, and is of good moral character, is eligible to petition for membership regardless of his religious faith.

    How old is the Masonic Fraternity?

    Although the origins of Freemasonry remain shrouded in antiquity, the greater weight of Masonic authority suggests that speculative Masonry as we know it today had its beginning during the 13th to the 15th Centuries. Ancient Masons worked in both operative and speculative, extending back to the Stone Age, or approximately 4000 years before Christ.

    What are the requirements to become a Mason?

    A man must be of legal age, believe in the existence of God, the immortality of the soul, and the resurrection of the body. He must ask for a petition for membership, be recommended by at least 2 Masons, and pass a favorable ballot.

    How long does it take for a person to become a Master Mason?

    Processing his petition takes from one to two months. Following his election, he may advance after proving his proficiency in the preceding degree.

    What are the advantages of being a Mason?

    This could be a long answer if we attempted to tell you all the benefits, but to name a few: You always have a place to go where there will be a warm reception, good fellowship, and wholesome instruction. Lodges are located in all parts of the world, and all Masons are welcome and invited to attend, if recognized by the Grand Lodge of Texas.

    How often is a Mason expected to attend his Lodge?

    All Lodges in the state meet once a month, and as often as is necessary, at the discretion of the Master; but all members are urged to visit neighboring Lodges on all convenient occasions.

    How is Lodge business conducted?

    By officers who are elected or appointed at the annual meeting.

    What Lodges can a member visit after he becomes a Mason?

    He can visit any just and regularly constituted Lodge in the world, whose Grand Lodge is in amity with the Grand Lodge of Texas.

    Can the family attend any of the meetings?

    Some meetings are open to the families, but only members can attend business meetings and special meetings when degrees are conferred.

    Is there anything for the Wives and Daughters to do?

    After a member has received his third degree, he and/or his wife is eligible to petition the Order of the Eastern Star.

    How is the Order of the Eastern Star is connected to Masonry?

    The Order of the Eastern Star is not a part of the Masonic Organization. Membership requirements are as follows: The wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, widows, and granddaughters of a Master Mason, or the Mason himself may petition.

    Does Masonry interfere with a Man’s regular job?

    Masonry in no way interferes with a member's necessary vocations, as these are on no account to be neglected.

    Should a Mason attend a Masonic Meeting in preference to a Church Meeting?

    No. Masonry should never interfere with a member's religious activities.

    When a Man takes one degree, is it compulsory for him to continue?

    Masonry is compulsory on no one. We feel that if a petitioner is well-informed of the organization before he enters, he will be interested enough to continue his pursuit.

    How much memory work is required in Masonry?

    The only required memory work is to learn the catechism of the various degrees, but there is no limit to what he can learn. There is enough Masonic literature available for a man to spend an entire lifetime studying, and still not learn it all.

    Does Masonry require special uniforms for meetings?

    For the first three degrees, no. After that it is optional.

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