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Discussion in 'Sickness and Distress' started by Frater Cliff Porter, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Frater Cliff Porter

    Frater Cliff Porter Premium Member

    Most of you know I am a homicide detective. Well, I have a case where a boy was tortured in slavery and beaten almost to death by his adopted father. The man adopted the boy and even created a torture area for his beatings. The boy almost died the day we found him. This week is the anniversary of one of his most severe beatings (metal meat tenderizer). He is having a hard time. He loves historical books true/fiction/action and fantasy too. I am collecting books or gift cards for books (Borders/B&N) to give him. Pleasel mail what you can to Eva's Grooming 4763 North Carefree Circle, Solorado Springs, CO 80917 ATTN James Lovato.

    The business address is trustworthy and has agreed to help and it is cheaper to send things to a commerical address.

    I am not doing this in my official capacity as an investigator. I just want to help a kid who seems to need it.
  2. JohnnyFlotsam

    JohnnyFlotsam Premium Member

    Consider it done, Brother.
  3. Frater Cliff Porter

    Frater Cliff Porter Premium Member

    Thank you Brother.

    I have been asked how old James is...well he is right about to turn 16. Also...good used books sitting on a shelf collecting dust are just fine too. I would like them to be in good shape, no covers missing etc. but if you think he would enjoy them don't feel that you need to make a trip to Borders.
  4. Bro Whalon

    Bro Whalon Registered User

    I will send what i have, its mainly a few steven king books and stuff but if I can dig them up will definately send them to you Brother.
  5. David Duke

    David Duke Premium Member

    Books will be on the way as soon as I can get them gather up.
  6. Frater Cliff Porter

    Frater Cliff Porter Premium Member

    Thank you Brother
  7. Casey

    Casey Mandalorian Premium Member

    Will get a couple out tomorrow brother
  8. LRG

    LRG Premium Member

    Thank you brother, for who you are.
    Your local shrine temple could assist as well and please look into becoming a noble.
  9. mark!

    mark! Guest

    Brother Porter, are you still accepting books for this young lad? We have several history books about notable places around the globe, he may find interesting as they're just collecting dust on our book shelf here. I'd like to send them out if they're still collecting them, if not maybe we can arrange something in order to get the books to him. My wife also has a collection of Christian based books, not biblical or anything but story books based on a Christian surrounding and such, like the Left Behind series and such. Please let us know what we can do to help. I rarely get to reach out to those in need that I come across in our line of work, and thank God I haven't had to work anything such as this Brother, I fear I would have a hard time restraining myself in the adoptive fathers presence.

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