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Historical Knights Templar

Mike Mendelson

Registered User
Are there any good, accurate documentaries on the historical Knights Templar? I'm particularly interested in the organization, culture (and cultural influences), and structure of the order, as well as the architecture of its castles, churches, and commanderies. I don't trust NatGeo or the History Channel which tend to sensationalize their subject matter. Thank you all.


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While Wikipedia is generally considered a horrible research tool it does serve as an excellent resource when looking into a new topic. Especially for topics like this that have such a wealth of information available. The problem you will encounter most in studying the Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon is that their history has been so heavily romanticized that you will likely have to sift a great del of dross to get the gold nuggets. Start with the references cited on the wiki page to start with. Ignore anything that has "secret history" in the title! Happy hunting.