Hochheim Masonic Lodge 182

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    Last week I had the pleasure of attending Lodge at Hochheim 182. It's a little Lodge situated in the middle of nowhere, but Masonry is alive and well. Here's a little info:

    The Hochheim School and Masonic Lodge. The building shown below is thought to have been built in the 1870's or 1880's of cypress from the Guadalupe River bottom. The building on a 4.5 acre site donated by the Crawford family for a cemetery, school and church in 1876. The school housed grades through the ninth until 1923 and was a school through 1938. Concrete Masonic Lodge 182 (established 1856) became Hochheim Lodge in 1884 and bought the top floor for meetings. The building in the late 19th century was used for both a school, a church and community social center.


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