How to Access Attachments Section of My Freemasonry

Discussion in 'Masonic Education' started by Love of Truth, Nov 5, 2018.

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    A few days ago, I was scouting online for articles regarding the Rose and the Cross, and I SCORED! I found an excellent Word Doc entitled "The Alchemical Mystery of the Rose Croix." I downloaded it from this site at the following link:

    I loved this article. I would love to look at other articles available in that "attachments" sub-directory, but cannot seem to access it.

    Where is the "front door" to that folder? I would love to have a gander.

    Please forgive if I have asked amiss. I am new here.
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    Very interesting. I noticed the second or third diagram didn't have the directional correlation with the element. That's interesting as well.

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