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    So last night I finished reading the Laws of the Grand Lodge of Texas for the second time. I love reading these and these kind of documents however I struggle to read a book. I just love the knowledge. I feel as a new Mason if you read the law book and monitor you have such an upper hand on the "problems" or as Mother Tereasa says "gifts" in the Lodge. I think too many get discouraged but if you take a second it really isn't that hard to interpret. The fun part becomes finding the loop holes. So why is that. Why can it read the Laws cover to cover but a simple book is brutal?
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    A MM (and PM) that I work with told me right after I was entered to get a copy of the Law book and put it in the bathroom. Read it every time uh, well you get the idea. I have a pretty good ability to retain things, not word for word but enough to remember I read it and to find it again. (that is why I love the ritual but Im not good at doing the big parts). Ive had the last 2 Law books on pdf and keep a copy on a thumb drive I almost always have with me.
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    The Masonic law or Masonic Rules and Regulations Manual which, in Arizona we call the Arizona Masonic Code (AMC for short) is actually quite easy to read. Comprehension however, is something else. I recommend reading it through from Page 1 every year. Every once in a while a question is raised that goes something like this : Can we do that? Invariably I vaguely recall some reference to the subject and simply say "I don't know for sure but there is something in the AMC regarding this and will have to look it up."

    This I do and, if in doubt about what the regulation or Grand Master's Decision means, Grand Lodge Office is always willing to assist if you call them. Detailed questions sent by email are always answered promptly with accompanying detailed explanations.

    That's one of the reasons we have a Grand Lodge. They have helped keep us from getting into trouble many a time, particularly when it comes to fund raisers. We get some really good but rather wild ideas from the members on occasion, if you know what I mean. :):)

    Richard Skoglund, PM
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