I live in brasilia, Brazil. Would like to join

Discussion in 'Becoming a Freemason' started by Y. G. Weis, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Y. G. Weis

    Y. G. Weis Registered User

    I live in brasilia, Brazil. Don't speak portuguese. Would like to join an English-speaking lodje. Could you please help me ?
  2. Nate Riley

    Nate Riley Premium Member

    I don't claim to have a lot of knowledge regarding "recognition", except that you what to be careful to choose a lodge and grand lodge that is properly recognized. .

    Hopefully, someone else (e.g. a brother that has a book of properly recognized lodges), can chime in on that.

    If you are an ex-pat, you might want to contact that Grand Lodge of your home state (assuming US nationality), to get a list of lodges or the grand lodge they recognize.
  3. massmason

    massmason Registered User

    You might want to contact The Massachusetts Lodge or King Solomon's Lodge both are under the jurisdiction of Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. They both have a large number of Brazilian men who may be able to guide you in your search for light. Good luck!

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