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    So, I am going to leave this going through today and make use of any answers that I get and don't already have tonight, maybe in the future.

    After an EA is totally done getting initiated, what are some things YOUR lodge tells the new EA in regards to guidance on what he can and can't do as an EA? For example, we tell our EAs that they can't wear any Masonic regalia or have window decals and rings until they are a MM. We explain who wears the hat, and where not to walk in the loderoom while lodge is open.

    What else do ya'll say???
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    Pm me an email and I'll send you a PDF of the sheet we give our new EAs. All of what you said is included but a bit more. Its just one page but is a pretty good set of "rules" to help guide them. I will try to type it out on here for others to see and use as well.

    Spring Lodge #1174
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    We tell them pretty much what you have said except we generally leave out the stuff about during a Lodge meeting. We don't conduct a stated meeting on anything other than a MM degree. So Lodge related items are not discussed. The only times they will be there is cat lecture turn in.

    Bro. Kyle I wouldn't mind seeing that sheet also.If you don't mind of course.
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    We also mention appropriate dress for Lodge - no open toed shoes, no shorts, no offensive t-shirts. I'm sure there is more, but my brain isn't working today.

    Bro. Kyle, PMing you my email address as well, if you would like, I'll transcribe it and send it back your way to get it posted in full.
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    EA Rules

    Bro Brent, I'll happily email you a copy as well. Those that requested, emails were sent. Here is what our list states.

    Entered Apprentice (EA) Rules

    1. No walking between the Worshipful Master’s (WM) station while the Lodge is open.
    2. The Lodge is open when:
    a. The letter “G” is lit.
    b. The Junior Warden’s (JW) column is down.
    c. The Senior Warden’s (SW) column is up.
    3. The Lodge is closed when:
    a. The letter “G” is not lit.
    b. The Junior Warden’s column is up.
    c. The Senior Warden’s column is down.
    4. If you wish to enter the Lodge after it is open:
    Check with the Tiler.(outside of the door to the Lodge room.
    Advance before the Alter and give the sign before being seated.
    5. No sidebar discussions or talking while the Lodge is open. To address the Lodge, stand and be recognized and then address the Lodge “Worshipful Master, Wardens and Brethren before stating anything else.
    6. Before entering the Lodge room, sign in and put your apron on (remember how you were taught to wear it).
    7. Only speak about the Degrees with brethren whom you know to be Masons (the brothers you see attending your Degree).
    8. When the WM gavels three times, everyone stands up. One gavel seats everyone. Two gavels will stand the JW and SW or singly when addressed.
    9. After a blessing or prayer, you will hear “So Mote It Be” (old English saying that means, “so may it be”.
    10. You are always welcome and encouraged to attend lodge. You will only be permitted to sit in an EA Lodge or open portion of the Stated Meeting.
    11. You should help other brothers around the Lodge. The Stewards can always use assistance in cleaning up.
    12. Until you are a Master Mason, you are not permitted to wear or display Masonic emblems or symbols on yourself, vehicle, or anywhere else.
    13. You have 360 days from date of initiation (EA Degree) to memorize and turn in your work (esoteric memory work).
    14. You will be assigned an instructor and you should schedule times with him to receive instruction as much as possible.
    15. Until you are a Master Mason, you can be protested.

    I am really glad this thread was started. It has made me think of a few more things to add to this list. There are some other points that I tell the new brother before I seat him and close the lodge. These written "rules" as we call them are to help save time as well as be informative. Hope this helps you all.

    Spring Lodge #1174

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