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    Every Labor day I take a trip somewhere. It started off being a guys escape however one of the last guys living in this area is now married and his wife enjoys history as do we. A couple years ago we visited Waco, well worth our time visiting the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame, Dr. Pepper Muesem, and a couple others. We did not have an opportunity to visit all the places we wanted, so we had planned to revisit Waco today. Last night we were talking at about midnight and decided that the things we wanted to see in Waco were limited due to the fact that on labor day different things shut down. So we tossed around a couple of ideas then I mentioned running down to Gonzales. I have not been to Gonzales since I was about 13, and the memories are a bit hazy. As soon as I mentioned Gonzales everybody was interested. So Gonzales it was.

    We arrived in Gonzales today at about noon stopped at the Gonzales Memorial Museum. It was closed but we could walk around and look at the historical markers etc. A Gentleman by the name of Leon saw us looking at the plaques and stopped in. He provided us with a packet about Gonzales and also after to give us a driving tour. This was a great experience. I mean how often does a person go to a town and have individual see you are a tourist and offer to show you around. This is one of the things that I'm guessing is a pride of Gonzales. Mr. Leon spent probably an hour with us talking about the different homes and also where we could eat in town.

    After we were finished with the tour we split off and visited down town Gonzales for lunch. Pretty good food not the best BBQ I've ever had but pretty good and the people were very friendly. Half the point of a restaurant is the people who work there making people want to come back.

    After dinner we walked over to the courthouse and old Jails. Beautiful Courthouse in excellent condition. While looking at the outside of the old Jail another individual pulls up and brings us another packet concerning Gonzales and mentions the fact that he wishes he had known we were going to be in town because he would have given us a tour. HOLY SMOKES two different people in the same town going out of their way to be inviting to visitors. This was a remarkable experience. Both individual were talkative and great to visit with!

    I must say that if you have an opportunity to visit Gonzales jump on it. It has been way to long since I visited this town, next time I visit will not be on a holiday so that I can experience the different museums and also the different shops.:D

    Visitors Information

    Restaurant visited
    Gonzales Food Market
    311 St. Lawrence St., Gonzales, 830-672-3156
    Mon. - Saturday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
    Variety of barbecued meats, hot sausage, side orders for plates, dine-in or take out. Sausage orders may be shipped.
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    Great read! Glad you enjoyed your visit in the big city!

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