Length of first 3 degrees

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    Here is the Article for which you are looking:

    Art. 39. (39). Shortening Time for Degrees.
    In cases of extreme emergency the Grand Master is authorized to grant dispensation to postpone the examination for proficiency in such cases to such time as he may direct, and to ballot on such a candidate at a special meeting if the emergency requires it. (Revised 1997)

    As I read this, the proficiencies for all the degrees may be postponed, but not "waived". Absent any other language, I'd conclude that, sooner or later, the Brother would have to learn the catechism of each degree & demonstrate his proficiency. Furthermore, I don't see where a candidate could be initiated without going through the process of having his petition presented and he being investigated, nor would I support such a procedure. I can only conclude that a candidate must be regularly initiated before Article 39 would apply.

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