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Lodge Contacts

Blake Bowden

Staff Member
all lodges posted here, and a few i'm aware of have been posted on the member map. Here's a link to the map so you can view it. I want to see about the potential to get it in to a sticky, and to have new members who join our site see in their welcome private message that they need to update this thread or private message someone with their lodge information. I think this will really be great for those who want to visit other lodges with other brethren from here. Also, if we get members to fill out the information, it gives others a chance to see where everyone is from. There may be a few "wow, i didn't know you and your lodge were only 10 minutes away, i'll be there next month!" we did this with our ford truck tx chapter with great success.

Link to texas lodge map
click me!!

very cool!

Bro. Brad Marrs

Premium Member
Lodge Name: The Colony Lodge No. 1451
Address: 4630 W Lake Highlands The Colony, TX 75056
Worshipful Master: B.J. Greer
Contact for lodge member and/or lodge: Keith Tyler
Meeting Date/Time: Second Tuesday of each month, dinner 6:30, meeting at 7:30
Meeting Dress: Casual


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Fraternity Lodge #1111 A.F. & A.M.
301 W. Missouri
El Paso, TX 79901
(915) 532-1132

W.M. Reyes mata
Stated meeting:Second tuesday of the month
Dress :casual
Dinner at 6:30
Meeting at 7:30


Premium Member
Premium Member
Lodge Name: Border #672
Address: 918 Westlawn Drive, Texarkana, TX 75501
Worshipful Master: Don Power
Contact for lodge member and/or lodge: Melvin Megason, Secretary or
Meeting Date/Time: Second Monday of each month, dinner 6:30, meeting at 7:30
Meeting Dress: Casual
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