Lodge Dues?

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  1. KD5NM

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    Our Lodge raised dues last year from $60 to $85 partly in response to the increase in GL per capita. We unfortunately lost a few members as a result of the increase, but there was just no other option. With 58 members, 17 endowed ($500) and about twenty 50 year members we depend on donations and fundraisers to pay the bills.
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    My lodge saved me in Masonry. We average 150% attendance, we have a waiting list to join, and I look forward to every meeting. They are events, not just a meeting. I love the food, the drink, the fellowship. Truly the life changing experience I had hoped to find.
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    There have been talks of amalgamation between Our lodge and the one a town over. We have the same anniversary, pretty much they got their charter on Monday, ours on a Tuesday. We also share the same building

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