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Lodge participation


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Was wondering if any Brothers out there could help with suggestions on how to get the Brethren of my lodge to become more involved with the lodge again?


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I always hope for more happening at Stated. My interests are more in the occult and Mystery aspects of the Craft. Those studies have fallen by the wayside and one tends to get blank stares when the subject is broached w/ older Beothers. I fear we became a social club sometime in the '50's to '70's. Many younger Brothers, like myself (and I use 'younger' loosely when applying it to myself ;) are interested in thses aspects but lack the Blue Lodge outlet for these digressions, sadly....

widows son

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Very true. Somewhere it did become a social club. I too believe that masonry is a continuation of the ancient mysteries, and fortunately i think though this is coming into light, thankfully

Godfrey Daniel

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Are you familiar with the Rusty Nail Degree, also known as the Order of the Rusty Nail? It shouldn't be too difficult to find. Many Brethren who haven't attended in awhile are embarrassed because they don't remember what they are supposed to do, so they stay away. It's structured like a refresher course, and even the "regulars" can learn something.

I've been to one, and it can be fun. Having a snack afterwards doesn't hurt, either. :29:


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Think of different subjects that may be of interest to others. A how-to class on something. If there is a police officer in the Lodge, he could give a short class on general home security (especially around the holidays) or weapon safety. If there is a doctor, a class on general wellness. Pre-plan a class or two to get the ball rolling. Hopefully, the first few pre-planned events/classes will get the other Brothers' wheels turning on other subjects of interest. I am going to suggest this to my Lodge as well.