Many Dimensions

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    I just finished reading Many Dimensions by Charles Williams. Not a Freemason, but a Rosicrucian at one point and has Rosicrucian and masonic themes (mostly if your'e scottish rite).

    The plot revolves around finding King Solomon's crown with the precious stone in it that can create miracles. It examines what good and evil men do during the time.

    I picked up a copy years ago because he was an Inkling, a contemporary of CS Lewis. I started the book a few times but put it down, and was able to appreciate the imagery more after becoming a mason and doing some of the Master Craftsman program.

    It's mostly a Dan Brown kind of book with more obvious "supernatural" actions in the plot.

    It's probably still dry - as dry as Brits during that time, but it was entertaining and has a few decent examinations of time and space, etc.

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