Masonic Weekly Digest: 2/20/2009

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    Fulton man honored for work with fraternal organization
    Clinton Herald - Clinton, IA, USA - Feb 14th

    Masons donate bikes for books
    Nisqually Valley News - Yelm, WA, USA - Feb 15th

    Hospice boosted by masons' money
    Weston & Somerset Mercury - eston-super-Mare, England, UK - Feb 15th Feb 2009 09:57:02:517

    Seneca High to host academic bowl - Ottawa, IL, USA - Feb 17th

    WMass Masons seek membership boost
    The Republican - - Springfield, MA, USA - Feb 18th

    Area Masons hoping to help find lost children
    Rainy River Record - Rainy River, ON, Canada - Feb 18th

    Sherwood Masons recognize three Iraq War veterans - North Little Rock, AR, USA - Feb 19th

    Masons raise $12000 for patients
    Timaru Herald - Canterbury, New Zealand - Feb 20th


    LODGEROOM INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY TOOLBAR - a free Masonic Toolbar which will go on Firefox or MS I.E.

    (Has a really nice Radio feature as well as RSS support)

    Need a Masonic "Two Ball" Walking Cane? Be sure to check out:

    It would be cool if something Masonic went on a US Quarter!!!
    Hit link below and under "HAMPDEN COUNTY", vote for the Masonic Temple.
    You can vote as many times as you want:

    My "Pet Peeve of the Week" (not related the fraternity) can be found at:

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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    Wonderful information Brother!

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