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Ian Niswonger

Premium Member
Looking for Brothers who play on Xbox One. I primarily play on Weekends (if/when I get a free moment lol).

Gamertag: PlatinumWolf93

Games I Play:

Star Wars Battlefront
Assassin's Creed
The Elder Scrolls Online - Occasionally, not as often as I used to
Elite: Dangerous - Occasionally, not as often as I used to
Call of Duty - Occasionally, not as often as I used to


Registered User
Another Elite Dangerous player!

I started on X-Box and migrated to PC for the add-ons. Right now I am about a year out of the bubble and have recently turned toward Sag-A and Colonia and am working my way back.

My primary X Box game is Fallout (4, I gave up on 76). I really liked Invisible Hours and am slowly getting more into Red Dead.

X Box name is Ibn_Hasaf