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    So I was reading the above and this caught my eye "It is only after a year of experiencing this one-on-one with this Mason that the candidate may petition the lodge."

    I'd love to hear from any Michigan brothers regarding this!!
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    Hello, Brother! I'm happy to help clarify what may be going on here as I had a similar experience. As I'm sure you know when you petition you ask a Mason you know about joining, and that Mason signs your petition to vouch for your character when the petition is submitted.

    Here in Michigan, if the potential candidate does not know anyone in lodge, a Mason (usually the WM of the petitioning lodge) will meet with the candidate a few times to get to know them and to answer any questions they may have about the fraternity. In my case, the only other Mason in my family was my Great Grandfather who died many years before I was born, and I didn't know any Masons personally. So when I petitioned, I did so about a year after meeting the then WM of my lodge, Dakotah, who would become my mentor as well.

    In this context it sounds like the candidate didn't know any other Masons when he was petitioning so a brother volunteered to get to know him and would become his top line signer.

    Just my two cents there.
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    I was wondering why the link in the OP didn't work. Then I saw it was from two years ago. Lot of necro-posting going on lately. lol

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