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MWUGL of FL and MWGL of FL mutual recognition and amity approved.

Hiran C

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This must isn't true. First, not all jurisdictions recognize the same landmarks. Some dont officially recognize any. Secondly, many jurisdictions have full visitation rites between the MS and PHA lodges. With no shade thrown in either direction. While I wont pretend there arent some areas that still have some backward thinking, the overall trend is getting better every year in my opinion.

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Agree things are getting better brother. It’s just Masonry in general. Things take TIME and sometimes a lot of it.


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I agree. Its ridiculous that we cant attend each others lodges freely and participate. In the end we all recognize the same landmarks. I feel this always and will always be about race, and please correct me if im wrong, but it just seems like the black lodges always get shade from the mainstream side. Just a bunch of BS.

Some on the mainstream side believe that prince hall members are not free born mostly the older generation of MS..slowly some of the older brothers are waking up and going back threw the archives of masonry

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As of May 8th 2019, the Most Worshipful GL of FL and Most Worshipful Union GL of FL (PHA) recognize each other. Congrats for making this happen brethren

I know this post is old but its my first time seeing it. I am a PHA MM raised in Colorado under MWPHGL of CO,WY,UT and I recently moved to Florida. I had no idea there was PHA and PHA Union Lodges here so I'm a little confused. I want to affiliate with a lodge here but I want to know the history of these two different PHA organizations before I reach out to a local lodge.


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Ok so why are there 2 PH grand lodges in Florida should have been my question, I guess.

Because one is not legitimate.

Many bogus groups came from disgruntled members of the Prince Hall Fraternity such as the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Florida A. F. & A. M., who many often mistake for a regular Prince Hall Grand Lodge. IT IS NOT A PRINCE HALL AFFILIATE GRAND LODGE IN ANY FORM OR FASHION! IT IS ANOTHER BOGUS GRAND LODGE! This Grand Lodge erected herself from the Most Union Grand Lodge of Florida (PHA). This Bogus group established itself in the early 1900’s


Mark A. Ri'chard
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Mississippi is similar. The PHA grand lodge is Stringer. I would imagine that the clandestine grand lodges incorporated first in those states although I am not familiar with the history of either.