My Father Was My Brother

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    When I was a child
    I could not understand
    The many things I required
    In order to become a man.

    My father taught me discipline
    And to love my fellow man.
    To never forsake my country
    And to be an honest man.

    He could say I love,
    But never did he feel shame
    For when it came to others
    He always praised my name
    When I became a Mason,
    He saw what I had become
    He gave his hand to me,
    A brother instead of a son.

    When my life is over,
    I’ll ascend to the grand Lodge above.
    My father will be waiting for me
    With his respect and brotherly love.

    My father was my brother
    And we stood upon the square.
    Watching from above
    He can see how much I care.

    Larry Burden MM 1984
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  2. Ratchet

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    thanks for sharing this
    my dad & I spent a lot time together in Lodge
    lots of good memories !!!!

    btw: my great grandfather & family were from St.Johns
    their last name was Partelow
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  3. K.S.

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    Nice poem. Too bad my father split when I was 5. (Makes it a bit of a rough road, raising 2 kids, shooting from the hip; so to speak.)

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