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    My sister is 18 years old and on a very destructive path. She has run away from home, and I am really worried about her. Since leaving my father has asked me to look at the contents of her laptop since I am a computer Info. Systems major. The things that I have found on her Facebook page, and mac system are truly unspeakable for a person of this age. She had gotten involved with drugs, alcohol, and extremely disturbing sex talk and acts. I cannot believe this is my little sister who has changed in such a negative way. I have found messages of saying unspeakable things about here taking advantage of my fathers compassion. He has given everything she has needed to provide and did not come from a horrible home other than the typical family affairs. Brothers please pray that she is safe, and not harmed in any negative, and that she sees the light to change her life for the greater good of herself, and this world.

    Bro. Mike
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    My prayers are with you and your family in this trying time Brother.

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