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    Two of my great-grandfathers were Masons and that is the closest relative I know of. I knew one of them and he was a very heavy influence on me as was his wife. This past Thursday night, I was raised a Master Mason and upon receiving the option to speak, I chose to share a poem I found online and speak a little. In my previous two degrees, I had not, but this time I took the opportunity to thank my Brethren. It went as follows:

    If no one smiled and no one cheered
    And no one helped us along,
    If each every moment took care of itself
    And good things went to the strong,

    If nobody cared just a little for you
    And nobody thought about me,
    And we stood alone in the battle of life,
    What a dreary old world it would be.

    Life is sweet just because of the friends we have made
    And things in common which we share.
    We want to live on, not because of ourselves,
    But because of the people who care.

    It's giving and doing for somebody else-
    On that all life's splendor depends
    And the joy of this world, when you've summed it all up,
    Is found in the making of friends.

    Guys, I first came here last summer want to learn about Masonry. I had just turned 18 and had no idea what I was entering upon. A few of my great-grandfathers had been masons and I knew that they thought very highly of the fraternity. Quickly, I have learned why. I'm humbled by the hospitality with which I've been accepted. Tom (That's Tom Waden our Senior Warden) kept me interested, thank God. Then, Ed and Brett worked diligently to help me learn the work. (Brett's our instructor and Senior Deacon. Ed also works with us on memory work.) I'm ethused when looking ahead to the friendships I will continue to build as well as the new brothers I will encounter. At the last fish fry, the nice fellow who lives by Bob and Betty asked me who my mentor was. Without thinking, I blurted out, "Just about every man in this room." That's a fact. I know this has been a bit lengthy, but sitting down last night, I had to come up with some decent way to thank each and every one of your for the openness yall have exhibited toward me. So, in conclusion, thank you for your friendship, Brothers.
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    Congrats on being raised and thanks for sharing
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    Beautiful Brother Longhorn, I know your Lodge is proud to have you.
  4. Robert Marshall

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    Thank you gentlemen. I'm very proud to be your Brother.
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    You are going to be just fine.. ! you are a fine young man and I am sure both of you grandfathers would be very proud.. ! masonary is not a one nite thing.. ! I have been a mason for many years and have taught a bunch.. ! one thing I always tell them is that it is a journey.. a way of life.. a feeling deep .. ! and it is a great journey where you will meet great men and learn a little from all of them.. ! and when you get my age and look back you will understand that you are a composit of all of them.. ! then you try to pass the work on to the next generation.. ! knowing its only your for a while and you must give it away to understand it.. !

    Having traveled all over the world I have meet brother masons in far away places and always knew they were family.. ! one nite I landed in Japan on business.. ! did not know where I was going and was almost 24 hours late so no-one was there to meet me.. ! as I stood in the main lobby of the airport trying to figure out what to do.. a man from Austrila walk up and shook hands and said whatcha need mate.. ! told him I was lost and need to get to the Hotel downtown.. we started talking Masonary as he spoke the language .. we got a cab and went to the Hotel and ate lunch together.. ! the next morning the bunch I was with couldn't understand how a stranger helped.. or why.. ! we meet sever other time.. and became a good friend.. !

    Good luck and may God bless.. !
  6. Robert Marshall

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    Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for sharing your experience. Both are much appreciated.

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