My story - and I am STILL stickin' to it!

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    My Dad has been a Mason since I was a little kid. He drug me around to Masonic events all over North Texas until I was in High School and I decided that I could find something more fun to do.

    About a dozen years or so ago I asked Dad for a petition. I got all of the paperwork completed, then it just sat on my desk for a while. I kept telling Dad I would get it turned in when I had time to mess with it.

    Of course, a decade ago I had a new wife, no house payments, worked a 9-6 job and had no kids. I just THOUGHT I was busy. That petition fell to the bottom of my To-Do pile for a long time after a move, buying a house, having kids and changing careers a few times. All the stuff that REALLY makes us busy.

    I finally realized that I was never going to finish being busy. And the older I get, the more I realize my Dad is the type of guy I want to be.

    So this Spring I got a new petition from my dad. Three of his life-long friends signed it for me. Because they, too, are the types of guys I want to be.

    During my initiation in April, Dad sat in as Junior Warden. The first thing I saw during my initiation was my Dad assisting one of his long time friends who was sitting as WM and conferred my EA degree. To say it was a memorable night is surely an understatement.

    In a couple of weeks Dad will be back down here for my MM Degree. I look forward to that next step and my Masonic journey. Especially with guys like Brother Dad by my side.

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