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    I did not grow up with any direct exposure to Masons although I later learned that several family members from previous generations were members. After graduating college and embarking on my career in Bryan Texas, I found myself working alongside a very respectable gentleman (call him Clyde) who always wore a little square and compass lapel pin. After making inquiry, I obtained a petition from Clyde sometime around 1996. As I moved on to Fort Worth due to work, I found that I was again working alongside coworkers whom I deeply respected who called one another 'Brother' (call them Alan and Charlie.) I continued to carry that petition, waiting until I settled down in one place.

    A few years went by, and I landed in Los Angeles. I still had that petition from years ago, and about 2003 I decided I had waited long enough. I sought out the nearest Lodge, visited and met the brethren and was disapointed to learn I had not resided in the jurisdiction of the GL of California long enough to petition a lodge. They said "Just come on back when the time is up", but I got distracted with a career and a year and a half went by before I returned. I was finally initiated in September 2004 and ultimately raised in March 2006.

    I must have been living right because I had an opportunity to get back to Texas later that year and it didn't take too long before I found a vibrant and energetic Lodge in my new hometown to affiliate with.
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    Good to have you Brother Nate
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    Great Story Bro. Nate!!!
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    Thats a great story!

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