National Supreme Council A.A.S.R.

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    National Supreme Council, Imperial Supreme Council and many others are Clandestine and ARE not recognized. These groups harp on the their incorporation (becoming incorporated) as a method to authenticate their existence, having so-called international jurisdiction. I don’t doubt that all groups like this have bad intentions, but the basis of which they come/came into existence is not correct and defies Masonic Law.
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    I think perhaps some words have been left out. In any case,

    I would be curious what you think a Grand Lodge of England (you don’t state which one, which is important given the era you indicate) would have to do with this, or GLdF rather than GOF.

    Similarly, what does the war of 1812 have to do with the subject?

    Two pathways to a single end-state in America?
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    It’s interesting to read this because a gentleman that appears to be a member of this group in Houston just submitted a request to join the Texas Freemasonry Facebook group. I didn’t even know this existed in Texas.

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