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    As far as bourbons go:

    1. Bulliet Bourbon. First tried it when I was Handicrafts Director at Scout Camp two summers ago and always kept a bottle of it in my footlocker. What sold me was the label where it said "Frontier Whiskey."
    2. Wellers. Nuff's said.
    3. Geo. Dickel Antique label.
    4. Private Cellar. Bottom shelf whiskey you get on the creeper. Pretty much all the bars in Huntsville use it for their well whiskey and when you cut it with something it isn't half bad (but it's the other half that gets you in trouble!)

    Scotch and "Scotch" Derivatives:
    1. Cutty Sark. Pretty decent when compared price/taste. Usually on some type of sale here in Huntsville.
    2. Johnny Walker. Keep on walkin'!
    3. Clan MacGreggor. Yeah, I said it. Always keep some Clan in front of your good stuff when your notoriously heavy drinking ex-college roomie comes to town. And, since my liver doesn't know any better, I've been known to knock some back.
    4. Paint thinner. Who's with me? :wink:

    Anyway, those are my picks from a youngern in the South.

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