No matter what continue Brother

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    by Ezekiel M. Bey

    I see your heart when no one cares
    Beyond the surface in your despair
    You struggle hard to show your good
    And all you ask, to be understood

    You love to teach, what you have learned
    To share you knowledge and you concerns
    No body listens to your desire
    Misunderstood of inner fire

    The disappointment that you confront
    An Angered rage because want
    To just express your inner soul
    But heart and spirit must rise and glow

    Above your passions where you must rise
    And you will find a clear blue sky
    So rise above, you'll see the glare
    You'll also find that I'll be there

    Don't ever think you walk alone
    For I'm your Brother in every fold
    Just trust in God, Our Graceful Father
    No Matter what, "Continue Brother"!!!​

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