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    When I read the below, I though wow that could have been said today , not back when there were 240k masons in Texas lol so so true .

    " we must never feel that we have accomplished anything in our lodges by adding to our roll of members unless we have created in each of them a desire to be of service. Numbers alone have never made our fraternity great. That which has marked us for some measure of public approval is that we somehow instill into our membership an evidence of improvement. Our continued success will depend upon the progress we make In stimulating our members to further improvement in their daily life and conduct. It is tremendously important to the fraternity that we succeed to the point where when one is said to be a Mason, all will know that there is a good man."

    GM J.McL. Marshall of Quebec 1958
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    Thank you for offering us this quote my Brother. I really believe that we need a balanced return to the "basics" of The Craft, of which there are three pillars: Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. So long as these are continually strengthened equally (it is a very sad state of affairs that the "truth" pillar is so very frequently neglected - "truth" as in Masonic education) Too much emphasis is placed upon fraternalism and charitable working. Yes - these are very important; indeed, they constitute 2 of the 3 pillars I've just mentioned! But when Freemasonry for most Masons is just bbq's and bowl-a-thons, something is quite off kilter.

    I wrote this on my blog:

    "As I've noted before, I believe, to my chagrin and sympathetically with numerous
    other authors (Wilmhurst, Pike, Blackmer, etc.) that the esoterocism of The
    Craft - which, to me, is none other than its very marrow - lies
    neglected as increasing importance is placed upon fraternalism and charitable
    endeavor. To be sure, fraternalism and charitable workings are noble and
    worthwhile enterprises; however, it must be stated that the pair of them are the
    inevitable outgrowths of the cardinal end of Masonry: to act as a vehicle for
    the communication of truths concerning the psyche and soul. Tend well the root
    of the tree, and its fruits are assured."

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    That's a great post. I couldn't agree more, especially when it comes to freemasonry and esoterica.

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