Only a few hours to go before my EA ritual

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by stevenellis11, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Kangabrother

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    Apologies Bro dpk Shah for late comment on your post, but I have just joined this group and saw what you had written. It spoke to my early experience of Lodge as well. My initiation day was one of hightened anticipation, and I’m pleased to say that has not diminished. Thank you for bringing that memory back to me.

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  2. Brother H

    Brother H Registered User

    Congratulations again and again,

    And welcome to continuous unforgettable experiences...

    Just a small hint that you might already heard: DO NOT, seriously, DO NOT check the internet in advance for upcoming degrees. Do not burn your food with high fire; instead, follow your mentors' advices and make sure to read carefully the material that you will receive from your Lodge.
    Till now, I keep re-reading the EA material and I keep receiving loads and loads of questions and informations.

    Congrats again, let us know to which Lodge you belong too. (We had EA degrees at a Sister Lodge, not sure if you were in!)

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  3. dpk Shah

    dpk Shah Premium Member

    Well firstly, welcome my Brother. Wishing you a very happy & prosperous 2018.

    I'm pleased to bring your initiation day memory back. I hope to share more of my journey. :)
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  4. dpk Shah

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    100% agree, I was told by everyone not to get online and I am glad I did not.
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  5. Daniele

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    Benvenuto in Massoneria.
    Hai iniziato un cammino che ti condurrà alla scoperta di te stesso.
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