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Open Letter to Masonry: Black Lives Matter

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This post may irritate some, but that is not my intention.

I agree that stating our principles in public could be a good thing. However being cornered into making such statements or making them as a form of virtue signalling is not.

I continue to think that words are cheap and actions speak volume. Our everyday's actions already state the principles that live in our hearts.

In a recent interview one of the three founders of Black Lives Matter (the movement, NOT the sentiment) stated that they are "trained marxists". They stated goals which have in fact little to do with racial equality and includes – among other – the destruction of our history, just as the Maoists did in China and the Talibans in Afghanistan.

I think that it would be a shame if Freemasonry was in any way connected to Black Lives Matter the movement.

As far as the Black Lives Matter the sentiment is concerned, it's been a part of our everyday's life for centuries and those who oppose this sentiment in the Western countries are a minute minority that has shrunk to irrelevancy. Although it is too often forgotten, it was the French who first abolished slavery in 1794. They were followed by the British with the Slave Trade Act in 1807, Slave Trade Felony Act in 1811, and the Slavery Abolition Act in 1833. It was the British Royal Navy which established the West Africa Squadron in 1808 to suppress the Atlantic slave trade by patrolling the coast of West Africa for more than 50 years and freeing more than 150,000 Africans, who had been enslaved and sold as slaves by other Africans.

This is our history and, although there are many dark events, I don't want it destroyed. I want reminders of the paths our predecessors walked, because that's where we come from, some of that is what we don't want to repeat, and some of that is what we're proud of.
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Brother JC

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No one is asking their GL to “align” with any organization, we’re asking them to stand up and state that they “will not tolerate racism within the ranks.” Not so difficult to do, really. Not at all political, merely restating what should have been obvious.
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