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    I was doing some research on our website we are designing and came across this from the Waco #92 website. By the way there is a TON of good stuff on there. I will post a link in the online forum.

    Over a period of many years we have heard and read much about the secrets of Masonry, and it is still our opinion that they are, in themselves, of the least importance. These so called secrets are not the material of which the Grand Masonic Temple is built. They do not constitute any of the ancient landmarks of the Fraternity.

    Masonry has no secrets which the world would deem important or care to know. The secrets of Masonry are nothing more than modes of recognition by which we know each other, by which we know a true Craftsman from an impostor, by which we prove ourselves worthy and well qualified, by which we show that we have visited the sacred places of the Fraternity, and have knelt at the altar of a common Father.

    The fundamental facts of Masonry are not secret. Its principles are known; its objects are known; its members are known; its meeting places are known. Our ancient and honorable Craft has adopted the general principles of secrecy because a unity and harmony of labor can be better attained thereby.

    As has been said by a great philosopher: "Bees will not work except in silence; neither will virtue work except in secrecy. Let not thy right hand know what thy left hand doest. Like other plants, virtue will not grow unless its roots be hidden from the sun. Let the sun shine on the roots, they wither and no flowers will delight thee."

    -Author is Unknown

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