Port Aransas Family asks for support. Sent to me by our Lodge secretary

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    Brethren, received this from Robert Eschenburg, WM Hill City Lodge No. 456. It appears to be legitimate. Maybe we can help this young lady out.


    Dear Friends,

    While living in Port Aransas we have met a very nice family who have a daughter
    and three sons. Their daughter, Hazel Morris is an excellent student at Port
    Aransas High School and an aspiring ballet dancer. She has been invited to
    participate in a summer ballet workshop with The Joffery Ballet. The family is
    trying to raise money for her to attend, but don't stop here. They are not
    asking for money. Hazel is a finalist in a contest for Unicef Greeting Cards.

    I am asking that you please take time to go to, www.pier1.com
    <http://www.pier1.com/> and vote for her entry. If she wins, she will receive a
    $5000.00 scholarship. When you go to this site, you will see "2009 Pier1/Unicef
    Card Contest". Click on this site and vote for the entry by Hazel M. from Port
    Aransas. The deadline is April 15th. If you can help, by sending this message to
    your contacts, please do.

    Your help will be appreciated by a very nice family.

    Thank You,
    Hilton Crocker
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