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Discussion in 'The Refreshment Lounge' started by Blake Bowden, Jul 8, 2009.

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    Thats why megachurches made my rants list.
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    Would Jesus wear a rolex?

    Really though, as far as I know this is part in parcel with what's known as 'prosperity evangelism'. It's the idea that if you live your life as God wants you to here, he'll reward you here. There is also a component of letting the believer feel superior to others through material possessions.
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    Well what qualifies "Unreasonable Income"? A lawyer could have a field day arguing this. Could we not set a percentage that administration costs could not exceed? If you looked at some of the Non Profit Org. and look at how much money is spent on the cause I think most of us would be saddened. (ie Red Cross, United Way, etc.) That is why I think the government shoud put a cap on this. However, here is the Catch 22. If the government puts caps on these amounts does it not become a step toward socialism? I mean if the government is putting its hand in on everything then people get upset saying the government is controling our lives then when they sit back and let this happen some blame them for allowing orginazations that abuse it (churches, banks, CEOs, etc.) for not doing anything.

    In my opinion I believe the Government should control any area that receives tax breaks such as this or money for bailouts. We have an obligation to the people that pay this (you and I). I don't think it is a democrat or republican thing. I think it is a moral responsibility because it is obvious that people have corrupted and taken advantage of the system in place. It has failed and needs to be re-evaluated. Just opinion though.

    Sorry if I turned this into a political discussion but that is something that they mentioned in the article.

    Here is a website I look at before I donate any money. Just take a look at administrative costs on some of your favorites.
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    This really applies to any system where people are involved -- including government.
  6. rhitland

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    There will always be corruption untill we are all perfect that being said sure there are some problems with these mega-things such as charities and churches but think of the millions of honest men and women working for said organizations whom our donations pay there salries. The Red Cross does depend alot on donated time but they employ alot of people at the smae time to keep that massive show running to respond in moments when no one can so if the Red Cross is going to work effectivley they are going to have use a big portion of donations on overhead to ensure they are ready for anything and everything to save lives. Mega Churches are the smae thing alot of them show the flashy preacher wealthy as all get out on your donations but I have topped the hill of the Kenneth Copeland Compound and seen 30 or more people out earning a living mowing the lawn, working on his airplane, doing all kinds of labor. Kenneth Copeland employs thousands of men and women and provide them a fantasitic place to work with outstanding benefits to work for him is to be sound as a pound. To me they MIGHT be inbetween good and bad but more toward the good just b/c you may have transended past megachurches or other mega things does not mean we should close that gateway on megathings for others to pass through.

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