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Discussion in 'The Scottish Rite' started by SivadSemaj, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. SivadSemaj

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    Good evening Brethren and Happy Veterans day!

    I recently completed my 32nd Degree in the Scottish Rite Northern Jurisdiction and would like to purchase the 32nd degree black cap I continue seeing in various places (Northern Light magazine, internet, etc). I'm not sure which cap is correct though. I wouldn't want to purchase a black cap and discover it was the Canadian variant or some other countries variant. I am of the Northern Jurisdiction and of a Pennsylvania Valley; my secretary does not know. Any help in figuring out which cap is correct would be greatly appreciated. Also as a side note, does the Northern Jurisdiction have a list of bylaws like the Pennsylvania Ahiman Rezon? Thank you in advance and have a blessed day!
  2. Glen Cook

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    NMJ does have statutes.

    I would check with more senior brethren of your valley.
  3. Winter

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    When I was a NMJ SR member you almost never saw a black cap. Only the KCCH and 33rds I saw regularly wore caps. Are you saying you asked your Valley Secretary and he didn't know? That seems odd.
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  4. Tylerl90

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    From my understanding, the only difference is that the NMJ black caps are “Wings Up” instead of “Wings Down.” I’m a part of the SMJ though, so I’d double check.

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  5. SivadSemaj

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    Yes I checked and he didn't know. I'll ask some of the senior brethren, but I'll be in the southern jurisdiction next month, and for the foreseeable future, and I intend on visiting Valleys once I get settled in. If there are no statutes saying no, then I fully intend on wearing one. Thank you all for replying.

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