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    Hey everyone, I put a post up the other day stating I'm extremely interested in becoming a Freemason, and I got some very good feedback from someone, for which I am very thankful, however, I do feel I need to ask, what is the general feeling of a gay man joining the brotherhood? All feed back, negative or positive will be appreciated, I'm a person who very much appreciates the truth. Thanks all
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    It may all depend on where you live and the demographics of your potential lodge. I would just be you and not make your sexual orientation the main topic of discussion, or even bring it up. Good moral turpitude, a belief in deity, no serious criminal record, and a desire in your heart to be a Freemason are the main qualities of a candidate in my opinion. Some may disagree with these and have many more requirements, but just be yourself.
  3. Mac

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    You'll have to get a feel for the members of the Lodge with which you're interested in joining. This applies to other facets of your personality/whole as well, such as political opinions, interests, etc. I learned early that I was the "annoying liberal" in my Lodge, but I've come to embrace that idea. If you don't feel welcome at a Lodge, based on their attitude toward any part of who you are, I would recommend passing on to another Lodge.

    Best of luck on the journey!
  4. davewaller

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    Thankyou for your feed back, much appreciated, and good advice, thankyou guys
  5. BrotherCoffeen

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    We tend not to talk about sexual orientation, religion, or politics in the lodge. All of these things are sensitive topics. I encourage you if you are a good man and are interested in being a Mason is to go or it! Good luck.
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    Yea, I think that it is just going to depend upon the lodge and the area that the lodge is in, and even then I wouldn't bring it up as a big conversation point. I have a buddy of mine that has been a Mason as long as I have known him. When I first met him, I didn't know for sure that he was gay, but he finally told me that he was. He told me he had kept it a secret from most people because he didn't want his lodge to find out.

    However, I ran into him not too long ago and asked him how things are going. He told me that he will be the leading the lodge this coming Masonic year and that pretty much everyone in his lodge knows about him being gay now. He also said that there is another Brother or two that are in the same lodge that are openly gay. So, you never know. Just be a good man. That is one of the most important things that I look for in a any potential candidate for the degrees.

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