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    As a chef I can't wait to provide great food when I become junior warden, I have a lot of great recipes, and I will post recipes on here, feel free to share as well!

    Focaccia Sandwich
    1/4 lbs hot or mild genoa salami
    1/4 lbs hot or mild mortadella
    1/4 lbs hot or mild cappicola
    1/8 lbs arugula
    2 heirloom tomatoes
    4 oz hot giardiniera spread
    6 slices medium province cheese
    1 6" by 12" focaccia bread

    You can find very good focaccia bread at any local Italian deli or bakery if you don't have the means to make it, if you do inbox me and I will gladly share a recipe with you. But start by slicing the bread in half horizontally. Lay the provolone cheese down so it covers the whole bottom half of the bread. Fold the meat on the the bottom half over the cheese. For a better tasting sandwich fold the meat or let it fall on itself. Then lay the tomato slices on the meat and the arugula on top of the tomatoes, for the giardiniera spread you can find in the same place you get the bread, again inbox me for the recipe if you like to make your own. But spread onto the top half of the bread. I enjoy the spice so im generous with it. Complete the sandwich by putting the top half of the bread on and cut into 6 squares. This recipe make 6 sandwiches so multiply according to how many people are usually at your lodge. Enjoy!
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    A great topic... Our lodge has gotten an excellent reputation over the past year for setting a fine table, and that has really boosted our attendance and participaation, as well as the number of visiting brothers from other lodges. They know that when they com e Adoniram, there will be no shortage of fellowship or home-style cooking. Several other lodges I've noticed have taken a lackadaisical approach to this issue, and it really tellson the lodge sign-in book...

    I'll be moving to the south the year after next, and have started getting involved with the kitchen team a good bit, trying to pick up some ideas, see things are done, and adjust from cooking for a single person to feedting 30-40 hungry brothers ata sitting. And that, I guess is my biggest query, scaling things up from small "regular" recipes to the lodge-scale... Any suggestions or advice?
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    Usually if you find a recipe online it will give you how much it's yields for example a recipe for bread might yield 6 loaves, if you want 18 you multiply by 3. It's always better to have a bit extra based on my experience when cooking buffet style, you can always let the brothers take some home to their wives and families. Most roasts you get at grocerily store can feed 5-10 people, especially if you doing roast beef sandwiches. Feel free to MSG me anytime if your stumped brother

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