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    When the pressures of recession
    Make us concentrate on greed,
    Take heed, a worthy Mason
    Cares about another's needs;

    Don't let pressures of the moment
    Make your obligation sway,
    Stop and help a fallen brother
    Or another by the way;

    What you give is like a bubble
    Whenever you assist,
    What it costs in time and trouble
    Is, soon after, never missed;

    Brother, bear that obligation
    You accepted on your knee,
    It's in direct relation
    To your own security;

    Never hesitate, my brother
    Square your actions now and say,
    "I'll remember I'm a Mason,
    "And behave like that today;"

    "With regard to human kindness
    And the 'Golden Rule', I pray,
    I'll remember I'm a Mason...
    And behave like that today."

    Author unknown

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