resolutions and recompense

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    as this year winds to a close
    and we do our best to gather with those
    who are special and dear to us

    we should be mindful of ourselves
    our words and actions over the last year
    we should be mindful of our shortcomings

    think over this year and who you were
    think about the things you said, the things you did
    was there anything you would like to change?

    be centered; be introspective
    don't spend this year's end in a wasteful stupor
    unless you know who you will be through the next

    there are things that should end
    there are things that deserve a beginning
    and there are those who need both

    see yourself as the person you want to be
    towards your fellow man and to yourself
    see the things about you that next year can do without

    anyone can lose 20 pounds or quit drinking
    not everyone is able to make a firm commitment to
    be a better person and inspire others to be the same

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    Indeed a well written piece with a challenge hidden inside of it. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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