Rough Ashlar

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    My story is like most you here, but with a slight twist. I am the perfect example of the rough ashlar. I spent most of my time in the streets. Until one day one of two men crossed my path that would change my life forever. The first man was John Sculley former CEO of Pepsi and Apple computers. He instilled in me a thirst for knowledge with his saying, “You are the Captain of your own ship.” I spent the next three years of my life absorbing all that I could from Mr. Sculley.

    Both of my parents were under the control of drugs and alcohol during most of my child hood. If you have ever heard of the phrase a praying grandmother well I had both sets of grandparents praying for not only my sake, but the sake of my parents as well. One grand parent showed a particular interest in my actions most of all my paternal grand father.

    One day he said to me have you thought at all about your family history. I quickly replied nope. He said with a smile, “let me shed some light.” He said, “You are the son of Bruce who is the son of Collin who is the son of Enoch. You are a widow's son. I'm thinking to myself my papa must have gone nuts what the heck does that mean. Many years went by and this story has stayed with me in my travels, but I know what it means now.

    I am a fourth generation Mason the first being my great grandfather the second being my grandfather the third being my father and finally unto me. The story of the Prince Hall Mason is the story of the Black Man in America. I struggled early on, but now that I have been brought into the light I endeavor so that all can enjoy lodge life together in unity.

    My great grandfather just two generations removed from slavery had this great vision and the vision lives on through me. My passion is that all brethren in the state of South Carolina and the world not only recognize Prince Hall Masonry, but be able to enjoy lodge as my great grandfather did in his military lodge together in unity.

    Bro. Bruce Benjamin Jr
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    What an inspirational story! Thank you for sharing!

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