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    In 1826, Brother George Oliver wrote in his book, Signs and Symbols, that Masonry, correctly defined, is a system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols. Thus if we wish to recommend justice and morality, we point to the Square, which is the emblem of these virtues; if equality be our
    theme, the Level is displayed; if integrity, the Plumb.

    Do we wish to illustrate our respective duties to God and man, the Three Great Lights are on the Pedestal, and are easily brought before the active masons view; and the Three Lesser Lights point out the excellent scheme of government adopted by our ancient brethren, and still practiced in our Lodges.

    Do we enlarge upon a life well spent in acts of piety and devotion, the Perfect Ashlar is the elucidating emblem; if we refer to the comfort and perfection of Gods revealed word, it is done thro the medium of the Tracing Board; if the pure and perfect road to heaven be the subject of our Lecture, we have a Ladder composed of staves or rounds innumerable, each pointing out some moral or theological virtue; and even when elevating our thoughts to the Deity himself, our eyes involuntarily rest on the Glory in the Centre; then, with hearts overflowing with gratitude and love, we bow reverentially before the All-Seeing-Eye of God, which the sun, moon, and stars obey; conscious that it pervades their inmost recesses, and tries our thoughts, words, and actions by the unerring touchstone of truth and eternal justice.

    Happy St. John Day to all those who observed it!

    From Chad Simpson, PM York Lodge No. 563

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