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Swedish Rite in Germany


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I read that the Swedish Rite is practiced in Germany as well under the Große Landesloge. (If i remember correctly)

I would like to see and experience those workings and im quite able to understand German (less able to speak it). How does visiting a Swedish Rite lodge event work? What degrees could i visit as MM with RA? And how do i find information on interesting events to visit? Any pointers are helpful. Thanks

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Standard masonic protocol before traveling, contact the person who deals with international relations and talk with him about what you need.


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What degrees could i visit as MM with RA

Usually RA gives you access to VI degree and below. And as Elexir says, either go through the international relations in your GL, or write the secretary of one of the local lodges that you wish to visit.


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I would not recomend contacting any lodges yourself, the structure can be a bit more complicated. Besides if your not familiar with the Swedish rite you might end up contacting the wrong lodge.