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    So today i was researching lodges, Old Texas lodges to be more clear . I read up on some great ones like grandview masonic lodge which is the oldest lodge in hood county ,and how acton lodge kind of demised when granbury opened due to no one wanted to cross the river to go to meetings lol . I also entertained myself with Gonzolas lodge which was educational .... and Goliad (what i could find ) Goliad was chartered over 150 years ago and has used the same building for all its meetings and you know back in the day you would have loved to sat in some of those meetings with the masons of the time , has no web page and very little info except from a few historians ...why? A waste of awesomeness and a tragic loss of a great tool to attract potential member . In my searches i noticed that the lodge locator page on the GL web site is out dated and that many great lodges with strong rich texas history have no web page and there is very little info or fun happenings on the gl lodge locator about most lodges except some stuff from 2009 . Sad Sad Sad ! btw who here would love to say they sat in a lodge room where our masonic and texican brothers sat ?

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