The future of Freemasonry???

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Should Freemasonry...

  1. Be adapted or changed by its members?

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  2. Cause a worthy Brother to be changed or adapted?

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  1. widows son

    widows son Premium Member

    Im from canada and a mason and havent heard any reference to blood vows at all, even as a master mason, the traditional penalties that are involved are indeed traditional and symbolic, and thats all theyll be. The lodge is also a place of religious freedom although a christian bible is used only due to the fact that the majority of north america i christian, but nobody will make or influence you to convert or worship anything you dont you believe in
  2. Brian Morton

    Brian Morton Registered User


    Sir,as I'm you have read many things about our beloved Craft and trust me there is nothing to impede your Service to God, your country,your neighbor, or yourself. As for religion maybe a bit of tolerance might be in order. Good for the soul. But if you're goading for arguments You'll find none here I'm sure.
  3. kyfreemason357

    kyfreemason357 Registered User

    Penalties don't need to be symbolic at times I tell ya lol
  4. promason

    promason Registered User

    As long has Masonry keeps her core values and soul,she will maintain and progress,no doubt
  5. promason

    promason Registered User

    Masonry is the future
  6. daddyrich

    daddyrich Registered User

    Blood vows? Dude, walk AWAY from the internet...please.
  7. Premium Member

    I don't think Blue Lodge should be Christian only as I enjoy spending time with Brothers of all faiths but there are Christian only appendant bodies you could join if you wanted to. Here in CT we do get a disclaimer as to what the actual penalties would be vs. the symbolic. There is no blood involved in becoming a Mason, although sometimes there is sweat once you are in.
  8. A7V

    A7V Registered User

    We do not need more members; we need more active members. A smaller highly active fraternity would be ideal.

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  9. A7V

    A7V Registered User

    Christian only lodges are a horrible idea. Who decides who is or isn't a Christian? Would you allow Mormons or Catholics? Many fundamentalists dont consider them Christians while they consider themselves Christian. I am a Christian yet practice tarot, alchemy and kabbalah. Would you accept me?

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  10. BryanMaloney

    BryanMaloney Premium Member

    The Grand Orient de France is not merely "very active in French society", it is a partisan political and social player in French society. It is notoriously leftist and explicitly political: Freemasons For Dummies: Grand Orient Freemasonry and the European Union. I do not want Freemasonry to become just another political group.
  11. towerbuilder7

    towerbuilder7 Moderator Premium Member

    Eric, please leave the Internet ALONE already. BLOOD VOW?! Where are YOU getting your information from? Brothers will NOT discuss Ritual with you before it is appropriate , they will NOT change the way things are done or the way obligations are worded just to make YOU feel "comfortable" with YOUR struggle about becoming a Mason, without a vote of the Brotherhood and/or change in Const/By Law if a change would conflict with any article of said Const/By Law.

    A Brother also will NOT allow his Lodge to become LESS tolerant of petitioners of various religions, just so you can feel comfortable about affiliating with ONLY Christian Masons. This is NOT a customer service oriented business, and we should not change to suit the whims of each individual member-----this is a TIME HONORED INSTITUTION, FRATERNAL ORDER, and a BROTHERHOOD. We are NOT perfect by any means; however, each Brother on this Forum is (or should be) striving to become a BETTER MAN than he was before he was made a FREEmason. FREEmasonry enjoys the beauty of FREEDOM OF SPEECH (respectfully!), DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM OF RELIGION, and SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE----the core values on which this great Nation was established.

    Surely, there are a multitude of changes that need to be made in Masonry, but most of them are relative to Intervisitation among Mainstream and PHA Brethren, (In Texas) utilization of modern technology to communicate with younger potential petitioners, infusion of new and different ways to teach/lecture the Brotherhood, innovative ways to raise funds without changing the focus of the Lodge, and perhaps even combining smaller or less populated Lodges in an area or region IF finances are THE PRIMARY OBSTACLE to progression. I'm no expert on Masonry by ANY means, and I don't have ALL of the answers to our issues.

    But, the answer I have for YOU is that you should WAIT, Brother. In a previous post on a different thread, I gave you advice that was relative to seeking counsel from the Brothers IN THE LODGE FOR WHICH YOU HAVE PETITIONED. If you've done so, and consider yourself READY, open your MIND, EARS, and HEART, put down the keyboard, and close the MOUTH so you can LEARN. If you have yet to show THOSE MEN the respect of a sit down to make your reservations known, or if there is the slightest reservation in your heart, then NOW is not the time for you. It's THAT SIMPLE. If you pray, don't worry, and if you worry, don't pray. Good Luck with whatever you decide.

    Regards, Bro. Vincent C. Jones, Sr., Bayou City Lodge 228
    Prince Hall Affiliation, Free and Accepted Masonry, Houston, Tx
    Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas
  12. Frater Cliff Porter

    Frater Cliff Porter Premium Member

    I am going to answer this one differently.

    There are oaths and obligations in Masonry, the penalties would be quite bloody if enacted. I am glad they are there. The history of them is potent and important. They are both alchemical and transformative in nature and need to be taken as a whole.

    Eric, just like the anti-Masons on other forums you turn all discussions toward your Christianity, evangelize to some degree or another and make it about men defending the Craft.

    I don't believe you are in position to even have an opinion as to how the Craft should run. You are not a member and I don't think you should be. I don't think you intend to be.

    Does anyone else realize Eric is nice, but never really follows any advice and turns all discussions he enters into one wherein he can share how is concerned certain aspects of Masonry are not compatible with Christianity.
  13. Spring TX MM

    Spring TX MM Premium Member

    That hit the nail on the head. Good pointing that out Brother Frater. I always enjoy yours and towerbuilder's responses.

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