The Light Of Masonry

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    by Ezekiel M. Bey

    Heaven sent me here through the womb of a woman
    Heaven sent me here from on high
    Heaven sent me here through the force of my Creator
    The one seen on Masonic aprons, the All Seeing Eye

    Creations are powerful, and so Creations are Great
    Creations are blessings, helping craftsmen navigate
    As I see two tall pillars at the foot of a porch
    The entrance of mysteries scientifically torched

    Full of grandeur and strength, full of power indeed
    The foundation are laid-out in our first three degrees
    So the one important question, “What came I here to do�
    To improve myself in Masonry, That’s what I came to prove

    Not to prove it to man, many men have been fooled
    Not to prove it to woman for from her some became fools
    Not to prove it to idols for they have made some lives wreck
    But to prove it to ONE, The Almighty Grand Architect

    So as you focus on me, don’t ignore the focus on YOU
    We’ve been made in an image which make you who are you
    Remember that day when the inner door flew wide open?
    Remember that hand of friendship given you as a token?

    It was once mouth to ear, which you kept breast to breast
    I’ve kept all of the secrets in the compartments of my chest
    As the two points of the compasses all stretched out to its extreme
    Yes those two points of knowledge manifest in my inner being

    So understand the dot that sits center in the circle
    And understand the vortex where the scriptures sit to guide you
    And understand the parallel lines representing two Saints
    And understand they’re two Solstice guarding two inner gates

    So ask yourself one more time, “What came I here to do�
    I was sent from on high, to understand GOD is TRUTH.
    As the celestial skies show its beautiful canopy
    Shining bright rays of light, the infinite Light of Masonry

    It does not matter what you call yourself
    But it does matter being yourself
    And so you are, what you will always be
    A manifestation of the eye that eternally sees.

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