They All Came Just For Me

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    By: Bro. Richard L. Jenkins

    Something big is going on here.
    Or so I thought that night,
    As the Masons came to gather round
    the Great and lesser lights.

    One from here and one from there
    From places far and wide,
    They came to do, I knew not what,
    As they gathered there inside.

    But from each man I was greeted
    With a smile and voice of cheer.
    One said, "so you're the candidate.
    The reason that we're here."

    I scarcely knew just what he meant,
    For this was my "first degree."
    There must be much for them to do
    Before they got to me.

    Surely these guys would not travel
    for the sake of just one man.
    Yes, there must be much for them to do,
    Before my part began.

    The "Brother Tiler" was my company
    As I waited at the door
    To step into this brand new realm
    I had not known before.

    They shared with me the three Great Lights
    and some tools of the trade,
    That I might learn a thing or two
    of how a man be better made.

    When at last I had been seated
    In this brotherhood of men
    The Master then began to bring
    The meeting to an end.

    And with all things then completed,
    They stayed a little more,
    To eat and drink and share a laugh
    Before heading toward the door.

    But as we left I understood
    And then began to see.
    That they all came for one reason.
    They all came just for me.

    Dear brothers I pray every lodge
    Will make new ones like me,
    Feel as welcome as these brothers did,
    When they held my First Degree.
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    very sweet. good share.
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    This is excellent, it brought back many memories....
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    Great Job!

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