Trying to plan a trip to England - need some insider info.

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  1. SCStrong

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    So, my English Brethren (and friends, who may not be Brethren, yet) - I am planning a trip for my wife and I, to England, within the next year.
    Any suggestions for what we should really try to see or where we should go ? We would like to do a mix of 20 - 30 % "Tourist Stuff" and 70 -60% of "getting a feel for the local landscape/ people stuff". We may get to spend some time traveling to other countries in the UK as well but for now, I am focusing on England - We will fly into London - not sure how we would travel from there ....... I am assuming train / taxi, since we do not want another American trying to drive on the "wrong" side of the road LOL.

    I would love to visit a Lodge while I am there - is a tux or suit mandatory for most lodges, there? Do I need to request access ahead of time?
    Any suggestions on historic Lodges / Must - See's ??

    Thank you.

    PS: I am planning for 5 days in - country. The budget is conservative but we do have a bit of discretionary funds.
  2. Glen Cook

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    Only five days? London, Oxford, Salisbury and Stone Henge, Bath.

    Yes, dark suit and preferably white shirt and tie.

    Are you aware of how to arrange a lodge visit?
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  3. SCStrong

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    Thanks - we may stay longer, depending on what work schedules allow. How do I arrange the lodge visit?
  4. Brother Bob

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    Devon, Cornwall and Stonehenge are worth a visit. Accommodation wise Air B&B is good.

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  5. stevenellis11

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    I second Devon and Cornwall

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