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    Dear Brother, We would like to say hello to you from our lodge . We are very happy to see your web site, it is a very nice site . Dear brothers of Gonzales Lodge, we would like to tell you that God is within your Lodge and he has Blessed you Keep up the good work brothers.
    If you ever need a helping hand please feel free to call on us at any time.
    May our Lord God Bless you .

    Brothers of Saint John`s Lodge At Texas

    Now I realize there is a Saint John`s Lodge #5 AF & AM, but are they the same? Just thought it was odd that they would list www.grandlodgeofallengland.org and include this:

    9th December 2008

    It is now just three short but certainly eventful years since the historic Grand Assembly of
    Masons at York Minster revived our Grand Lodge, the premier Grand Lodge of England. At
    this Convocation, and in the shadow of that same Minster, I am happy to report that from
    such modest new beginnings, Ancient York Masonry is being increasingly embraced by
    honourable men of good report. This, despite our strict requirements on candidates and our
    determination to avoid the inevitable perils of a mass-membership organisation into which
    certain other fraternities have unfortunately fallen. Indeed, probably the most remarkable
    aspect of our progress to date has been the increasing geographic aspect of Grand Lodge
    and the resonance that Ancient York Masonry has found in the hearts of men, good and
    true, from so many different countries and cultures.
    From Scotland to the Americas, to the shores of the Mediterranean and beyond, there are
    now York Masons and York Lodges. This year alone there are new Lodges in Texas, the
    Lebanon, and Paraguay. I have appointed representatives in Greece, Turkey and Italy who
    are assiduously working towards the formation of new St John’s Lodges in those territories.

    Now, as I have already intimated, it is of course absolutely crucial that before and Candidate
    is admitted to the Craft, the tongue of good report is heard in his favour. Then, once having
    been admitted into the Fraternity, it is absolutely incumbent upon the Fellow to act of the
    Square both in his Masonic as well as in his profane relationships, to practise outside the
    door of the Lodge those excellent precepts taught within, and to meet his fellow men, be
    they Fellows of the Craft or not, upon the Level. In this way, at least, we can endeavour to
    make some difference in a troubled world. We do indeed live in trying times when it is
    surely the dearest wish of us all that the light of Masonry may come to symbolise hope for
    all Mankind.
    Brethren, my heartfelt thanks to you all for attending our Convocation today, in this, our
    ancient home of York. May I extend to you and your families, and to those of our Fraternity
    for whom distance and circumstance have prevented from joining us today, my very best
    wishes for the Festive Season and for the coming year. May God bless you all.

    John Gordon Graves
    Grand Master of All Masons
    York - 9th December 2008

    Who are these cats?
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    very interesting.
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    Indeed interesting.
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    Being that I have only begun my Masonic journey last year, there is much that I have to learn. In my readings so far, this is the first that I have come across this group. What interests me are the dates associated with this group. If we have any history buffs that can share their knowledge on this particular topic, I would be very interested to know more.

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