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Discussion in 'The Scottish Rite' started by Keith C, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. Keith C

    Keith C Registered User

    I received a phone call yesterday from the Casting Director for the Valley of Allentown asking if I was willing to play a part in the 12th Degree for the Valley Fall Reunion in November.

    I still haven't received my Membership Card from the Valley in the mail!

    Of course I said "yes."
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  2. Keith C

    Keith C Registered User

    Our Fall Reunion is the next 2 Saturdays, 11/2 & 11/9.

    This past Saturday we had "Tech Rehearsal" for the various degrees to be performed. WOW, a LOT goes into this!

    When I had hears of "Scottish Rite" I never imagined the amount of work that goes in to the Degrees. I assumed it was like Blue Lodge or Royal Arch,where a couple people do some talking and movements. I did NOT think it was like a bunch of major stage productions!
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  3. Winter

    Winter Premium Member

    Yeah, the SR degrees are full blown stage productions. I've only been backstage a couple times but it is impressive the amount of work that goes in.

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  4. otherstar

    otherstar Registered User

    Welcome to the world of Scottish Rite Degree work :)

    The Houston Valley does all 29 degrees in the Spring and Fall, and I have small parts in the 5th, 11th, 20th, 25th, 27th, and 31st degrees. I'm also a 3rd alternate for a part in the 18th Degree, and I "might" be joining the 7th Degree next spring.
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  5. Matt L

    Matt L Site Benefactor

    I feel you Brother, looks like I'll be learning a part in the 7th.
  6. Keith C

    Keith C Registered User

    I had a great day at the first day of our Fall Reunion. It was a bit more involvement than I planned for, however.

    On Friday afternoon I received an email from the person in charge of "non speaking roles" for the Valley asking if I could help out in a non speaking role for the 4th Degree, which I agreed. So I had to be in the wardrobe area at 7:30 am. I got my costume, got changed and waiting in the green room when the Brother leading the Degree thanked me for being willing to help out and said "let me explain your lines!" So I only had 2 lines , but still!

    After that I got my clothes back on, went and watched the 6th degree, got my Passport stamped, then went back down to get my costume and get ready for the 12th as I watched the 10th on the TV in the dressing and make-up rooms. The 12th went great, except the stage crew forgot to put out 2 props, gifts that Jacob's sons give to "Pharaoh's Governor" So we looked around at the side of the stage and all we found was a bible and a 4' tall column, so we grabbed those. The poor guy playing Joseph had his eyes almost pop out of his head when he saw this, as he was expecting two little vases! Other than that the degree went great!

    We had a break for lunch after the 12th. I was sitting with a few Brothers I had never met before and was chatting and getting to know them when my new buddy in charge of non speaking roles comes over the the table. He looks at me and another guy at the table and says "Hey Brothers I could really use your help for the 15th Degree. So, as I still can't say no, I agreed to help. His reply was "Well, no rush, but you kind of need to be down in wardrobe now." So, I got to be a Prince in the 15th Degree.

    After that I actually got to sit and watch the 18th Degree!

    Back again next Saturday and I don't currently have anything to do. I am going to try to lay low, but I have a feeling Brother Non Speaking Roles will find me!
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  7. Keith C

    Keith C Registered User

    Well he found me again this past Saturday, but only for 2 non speaking roles. I got to sit and look regal as a Patriarch Noachite in the 21st Degree and be a run-by Sailor in the 23rd Degree. Other than that I enjoyed watching several other degrees and had a great time.
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  8. Glen Cook

    Glen Cook G A Cook Site Benefactor

    Hey. Not everyone can do regal.
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