What does Masonry mean to you?

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    hi everyone,invite everyone give a look to a magnific work:

    Sacred Texts Freemasonry Buy this Book on Kindle
    J. Bowring, Second Degree Board (Detail) [1819] (Public Domain Image)
    Symbolical Masonry
    by H.L. Haywood

    Symbolical Masonry is a treasure-house of Masonic lore, including discussions of key concepts of the first three degrees, along with an extensive study guide. Haywood goes into details about such mysteries as the Letter 'G', the two pillars, and the legend of Hiram Abiff. Not merely a rote discussion of the rituals and regalia of the lodge, Haywood attempts to get the reader to think critically about the background of these topics, enhancing their understanding of the rich history of Freemasonry.--J.B. Hare

    Title Page
    The M. S.A. National Masonic Library
    Part One: The First Step
    Chapter I. An Introduction to the First Step
    Chapter II. The Petition for Membership
    Chapter III. The Ballot
    Chapter IV. Worthy and Well-Qualified
    Chapter V. The Hoodwink
    Chapter VI. The Cable Tow
    Chapter VII. The Lodge
    Chapter VIII. The Entrance
    Chapter IX. The Sharp Instrument
    Chapter X. Invoking the Blessing of Deity
    Chapter XI. Circumambulation
    Chapter XII. Approaching the East
    Chapter XIII. The Altar
    Chapter XIV. The Obligation
    Chapter XV. The Three Great Lights
    Chapter XVI. The Lesser Lights
    Chapter XVII. Lux e Tenebris
    Chapter XVIII. Words, Grips and Tokens
    Chapter XIX. The Rite of Salutation
    Chapter XX. The Apron
    Chapter XXI. Destitution
    Chapter XXII. The Northeast Corner
    Chapter XXIII. Working Tools of an Entered Apprentice
    Part Two: The Second Step
    Chapter XXIV. An Introduction to the Second Step
    Chapter XXV. Passing
    Chapter XXVI. Square on the Breast
    Chapter XXVII. The Scripture Reading From Amos
    Chapter XXVIII. The Oblong Square
    Chapter XXIX. Due Form
    Chapter XXX. Working Tools of a Fellow Craft
    Chapter XXXI. The Ashlars
    Chapter XXXII. The Middle Chamber
    Chapter XXXIII. Operative and Speculative
    Chapter XXXIV. The Two Great Pillars
    Chapter XXXV. The Globes
    Chapter XXXVI. The Ascent
    Chapter XXXVII. The Builde
    Chapter XXXIX. The Liberal Arts and Sciences
    Chapter XL. The Ephraimitish War, and Corn, Wine and Oil
    Chapter XLI. The Letter G
    Part Three: The Third Step
    Chapter XLII. An Introduction to the Third Step
    Chapter XLIII. The Vital Parts of the Breast
    Chapter XLIV. The Golden Bowl and the Silver Cord
    Chapter XLV. That Which Was Lost
    Chapter XLVI. The Trowel
    Chapter XLVII. The Hiramic Legend
    Chapter XLVIII. Eternal Life
    Chapter XLIX. The Lion's Paw
    Chapter L. The Emblems
    Chapter LI. The Emblems (Continued)
    Chapter LII. The Emblems (Continued)
    Chapter LIII. The Emblems (Continued)
    Chapter LIV. Conclusion

    Appendix: Questions for Discussion


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    To me it stands for everything I want out of life. To know myself. To be associated with truth and honesty. To truly be a brother and friend.
    I have no biological brothers and that makes my desire to become a Mason even more passionate. Because as a friend to my fellow men I always treat them with the utmost respect as I would expect in return. I want to experience being associated with like minded men who strive daily to become better men.
    Masonry in a sense runs deep in my family. My late grandfather was a Mason as well as a Shriner. I also have uncles who are Masons and a good bit of friends I have known throughout my life have matriculated into Masonry. My grandmother was very active in OES and my mom joined a few years back. Though these people close to me sparked the initial interest, I have my own reasons to want to take on my journey when the time comes.
    Overall it means being the best person that I can be while helping others be the best that they could be.
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    Bro. Denrique, as a fifth generation Freemason I really understand where you are coming from.
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    Five generations!! That's really cool. I hope one day maybe I can have generations after myself to follow in my footsteps once I take my journey @MaineMason
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    I will not have children but it it my hope that my bi-racial nephews will feel a call to the Craft.
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    I'm sure that they will. It's a great thing to be apart of and I can't wait to become one. They shall see the great man around them and they shall follow if it is in their hearts. I look at it this way if they are exposed to it and it sticks they won't part from it and before you know it you will be welcoming them with open arms! @MaineMason
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    I hope they see those diplomas on the walls of their uncles and grandfathers and great-grandfahters and ask.
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    Letting my light shine among men.

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